Protea Glen Secondary School welcomes all prospective Learners!

Who we are

Protea Glen Secondary is a school that prides itself in excellence , we have world classs learners, they have rubbed shoulders with great statesmen from Algeria ,Portugal etc. Our learners understand learning and that one has to prepare himself/herself for success With study skills for Higher Learning.

We have 1472 learners and 260 thereof are grade 12 learners. We are taking the literacy level in Protea Glen to Higher levels to address and redress poverty and homelessness. School has a beautiful learning and teaching environment with excellent staff , committed , Highly qualified . The SMT is accountable and report all learning and teaching on time. We are Time conscientious and hence we are so successful. We presented our 1st group of matriculants In 2013 where we obtained 82 % pass with 53 bachelor passes out of 124 learners , we in 2014 Obtained 94 % pass with 51 bachelor passes out of 156 learners.

Our Vision

  • We the community of Protea Glen Secondary School Pride ourselvers in developing a world class learner who will serve the nation with excellence

Our Mission

  • Educators: Being Punctual Planning Well.
  • SGB:Supportive and Continually Developing.
  • Learners:Learning, doing school work.
  • Community:Inviting them into our projects.

Our history

The school was founded in 2009 and was opened on the 1st October 2009.The school at its onset Had 200 learners only who were in grade 08.These learners progressed with the school up until they Were in grade 12.this was our first matriculation class. The latter class produced 82, 2 % percent pass in the year 2013.

The school is regarded as a great school where excellence is the order of the day. We pride ourselves In sports, our Netball team obtained Bronze in 2014 losing to Monde or High school in the Mr Price competition. We have 46 educators and 10 public service staff.

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